Hugo Restructured

Hugo Restructured is a theme for Hugo that exploits reStructuredText markup to enable rich formatting and page layout within a simple markdown system.

Full information about the theme can be found in the repository at Github. For a live demonstration with more information about features and techniques visit the live demo site.


For a quick taste, listed here are a couple of links to example pages, and then one screenshot that demonstrate the appearance of Hugo Restructured.

A screenshot of a sample page using Hugo Restructured.

A Note On Styling

The default configuration for Hugo Restructured uses gradients in shades of red. This is easily customized to suit a website's style, or tuned to accommodate the needs of a specific page or to differentiate between sections of a site.

The theme uses Hugo variables to define a color, or an image, or a gradient to use for the top-of-page "splash" and the "edge" areas exposed as the page responds to wide screen layouts. See Page Coloring.


Hugo Restructured started as an attempt to understand the very useful Ananke Theme.

Bud Parr has done us all a great favor with his careful development of this theme. Ananke proved to be one of the better teaching tools I have found for understanding how templates actually work in Hugo.

Again, many thanks to all the folks who make Hugo such an effective tool.