This site was created primarily to provide documentation support for projects hosted at Other purposes have since been discovered and incorporated.

An explanation of the site’s name is the subject of this site’s first posting, F is odd.

Information about the author can be found via his entry at LinkedIn.



The Info section contains the articles that are about this site, including this "About" message.


The items in the Codes section each contain the current documentation for the associated repository. These are updated on an ongoing basis.

Note: The earliest repositories were crafted to meet the specific requirements of assignments for the Data Science Specialization as offered from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health via Coursera.


The Works are a set of exhibits hosted on this site. Some of these are demonstrations of materials discussed elsewhere, others are reports generated for other purposes and copied here for ease of access.


The items in Posts are commentaries that are not specific to any specific repository.

Other Information

For those who may have questions or concerns, the Administrivia article provides a description of the technology used to develop and maintain this site.